Partnerships with individuals, organizations, and corporations play an important role in sharing information and messages about AAPI student access and success. The campaign is joining with others who are committed to AAPI students, including community and corporate partners, to create a national movement aimed at delivering an urgent wakeup call to higher education leaders and policymakers about how AAPI students are often overlooked and underserved in higher education. Without the support of our partners, the campaign would not be able to push the U.S. higher education system further support the academic endeavors of AAPI students.

Student Partners

AAPI students are the foundation of this campaign, but all students are impacted by the campaign efforts.  We know that uniting AAPI students, from across the country and the Pacific Island in this movement, is the best way to make real-life change in their lives. By joining this campaign, you can help increase opportunities for your family, local community, and other AAPI students. Because by the end of the day, as AAPI students, “We’re the Changing Face of America” and we want everyone to know.

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Institutional Partners

The campaign works collaboratively with AANAPISIs serving AAPI students: De Anza College, City College of San Francisco, and South Seattle Community College.  These “pilot” institutions—which have previously demonstrated some of the greatest success when it comes to supporting AAPI students as they pursue their degrees—serve as key, campaign institutional partners.  As APIASF continues to expand its work to increase AAPI student success, the organization hopes to further support all 21 federally-funded AANAPISIs and eventually to all designated and eligible institutions.

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Community Partners

How do you get connected with others working on AAPI student access and success in your area? Start by reaching out to some of the national organizations that have partnered with the campaign. These groups provide information and resources aimed at raising awareness and prompting action about the AAPI population in communities across the country.

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Corporate and Foundation Partners

Corporations and philanthropic organizations that support increasing college access and success among AAPI students continue to rally behind the campaign.  These important partnerships enable the campaign to reach a much greater number of AAPI students with life-changing campaign messages.  

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