Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institutions (AANAPISIs)—a category of federally-designated Minority-Serving Institutions—enrolls and confers the largest concentration of degrees to the nation’s AAPI undergraduate students.  Below is a snapshot of how AANAPISIs impact the lives of AAPI students.

Fig 6

  • There are 21 AANAPISIs that have received federal funding and a total of 150 that meet the criteria set by Congress.  Most AANAPISIs are two year institutions—combined they enroll 41 percent of all AAPI undergraduates and conferred 47.3 percent of associate’s degrees.
  • AANAPISI institutions are critical sites for addressing the most significant challenges facing AAPIs in higher education. They strive to understand and respond to the unique needs of low-income AAPI students.
    • They are developing new and modifying existing programs to optimize the experiences and outcomes of AAPI students.
    • They are in a unique position to design and test ways to monitor and track AAPI student enrollment and outcomes.
  • AANAPISIs are critical sites for serving the most overlooked and underserved AAPI communities.
  • AANAPISIs can help change how AAPIs are treated by the higher education community, including institutions, systems, states, and the federal government.
Source: CARE