Share Your Story and Find Other AAPI Students Like You

Be compelling. We want to hear your story and share it with Changing Face of America blog readers.  If you’re unsure of where to start, focus on your own personal experience, what you have learned about your community, or how you are supporting the campaign.

Be transparent. This is an opportunity for you to help increase awareness about the experience of AAPI students. Sharing your own personal experience can serve as inspiration to others and challenge many of the misperceptions about the AAPI community.

Be concise. While every detail of your story is important, we suggest keeping it between 300-500 words.


Blog Submission Instructions and Guidelines*

We welcome your thoughts on AAPI student access and success, whether you are a current student, higher education professional, policymaker, etc.  Please refer to our guidelines below, and submit your post(s) to Thank you in advance for your commitment to not only AAPI students, but also the nation, as we all strive for a stronger, more vibrant America.

If you would like to submit a post to the Changing Face of America blog, you must adhere to the following guidelines to be considered for publication:

  • All blog posts must be relevant and useful to this blog’s audience. Submissions should support the campaign’s mission to increase college access and success among AAPI students. 
  • Posts highlighting the work of individual institutions or community groups in supporting AAPI students are highly encouraged.  All blog posts should be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.
  • Posts should not exceed 500 words.
  • Blog posts will be rejected if they include marketing links.
  • All blog posts will be respectful and free of inappropriate content.
  • If you are a scholarship recipient, please include your scholarship award name, award year, title, and institutional affiliation.
  • All blog posts must be original content.
  • Photos and videos related to the content of submission are welcome, but must be original content owned by the person submitting the post.
  • Hyperlinks may be used to provide references, but credible citations for figures or statistics in submissions must be included.
  • APIASF and CARE reserve the right to reject or edit a blog submission for any reason, including but not limited to grammatical errors, spelling errors, or content that is inconsistent with the message of the blog.
*Please note: A blog post submission is not a guarantee of publication. All posts that are approved by APIASF or CARE will be published without notice. Please check the blog periodically to see if your post has been published.