80:158-159. the seemingly more Razaxaban pathogenic Angola strain and the more distantly related Ravn strain. In this study, seven cynomolgus monkeys were vaccinated with the VSVG/MARVGP-Musoke Razaxaban vector. Three of these Razaxaban animals were challenged with the Angola strain, three with the Ravn strain, and a single animal with the Musoke strain of MARV. Two animals served as controls and were each injected with a nonspecific VSV vector; these controls were challenged with the Angola and Ravn strains, Razaxaban respectively. Both controls succumbed to challenge by day 8. However, none of the specifically vaccinated animals showed any evidence of illness either from your vaccination or from your MARV difficulties and all of these animals survived. These data suggest that the VSVG/MARVGP-Musoke vaccine should be sufficient to protect against all known…
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