Cheng OCheng Ong
College: City College of San Francisco
Major: Nursing
Posted on May 22, 2013

Before my father passed away, my parents reminded me that while they did not have material wealth to provide their children, the only form of wealth they could give us was the values of education and knowledge from school. These are the same exact values and message I set to instill in my two children. Currently my goal is to receive an associate’s degree in science at City College of San Francisco, but ultimately I intend to major in nursing and receive a bachelor’s degree from a university. As an Asian American woman, I believe that pursuing higher education is important to upsurge one’s future by providing economic upward mobility. Education plays a significant role in society not just for economic reason but also to inspire others to give back to the community. This provides a community of people that will give back to the up and coming generation.  In the near future, my goal is to give support to others and build a better community for everyone.

This post is part of the “Changing Face of America” special 2013 AAPI Heritage Month celebration blog series, which features the voices of 10 AAPI students who share their unique experiences when attempting to access and complete their postsecondary degrees.  These students’ stories will hopefully help campus administrators, higher education leaders, and policymakers understand the emerging challenges facing all AAPI college students. 


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