Ali ZaAli Zahir
College: City College of San Francisco
Major: Biochemistry


I am determined to not only achieve my dreams but also pursue a higher education. I ultimately hope to share my newfound passion for learning as a college professor, knowing that in this position I will be able to inspire students. This desire of mine comes from the struggle of overcoming barriers I faced in high school, which took a hiatus on my academic career. During this time in my life I was not fully aware of the importance of education and decided to pursue another fond passion on mine, Muay Thai. In choosing this I learned how to instill discipline in my life, the vitality in setting goals, and the importance of being mindful. I am now a very focused and tenacious student at City College of San Francisco where I am completing lower division requirements. I have instilled the same discipline in my academic career so that I may transfer to a four year university and acquire a degree in molecular toxicology. Through this journey of self-discovery I have been captivated by the empowerment that comes with teaching and ultimately hope to bring about change in the lives of my students.


This post is part of the “Changing Face of America” special 2013 AAPI Heritage Month celebration blog series, which features the voices of 10 AAPI students who share their unique experiences when attempting to access and complete their postsecondary degrees.  These students’ stories will hopefully help campus administrators, higher education leaders, and policymakers understand the emerging challenges facing all AAPI college students.


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